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5 Tricks to Stay on Your Diet

Being on a diet is probably one of the hardest things any human can do, especially if it’s a plant only diet. This is especially true when you are surrounded with the easy and quick food options available today. There is no silver bullet for everyone, but there are five simple diet tricks that any one on any diet can…
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Best Plant Based Diets

Years ago some so-called nutrition pundits were under the misguided impression that a vegetarian diet was only the fad “diet-of-the-month.” Sort of like the mantra “here today and gone tomorrow.” The generation of the 1960’s and beyond proved them wrong, like this quote: “Not only does a “vegetarian diet” rely heavily on plant foods there are significant health benefits to…
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Easiest Diets to Follow

Nothing easy is worth doing. This is especially true when it comes to dieting. However, even though dieting requires a certain level of discipline, some are easier than others. Plus, the easier the diet is, the more chance you have of sticking to that routine. No matter how picky you are, there’s undoubtedly a diet perfect for your individual lifestyle….
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